Clases de viaje: Experiencia Business - Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas

Comfort and flexibility within your reach, so you can enjoy your flight on Plus Ultra with all five of your senses. This is why we make the Business experience available, with the highest levels of service quality and convenience.

Preferred boarding

An extra advantage to help you arrive a little sooner. With priority boarding you can enjoy the experience with no queues and no stress.

Access to the Business cabin

A space adapted to your needs, so you can leave your worries behind:

  • Wide seats so you can relax, and which also convert into a fully horizontal bed so you can rest in total comfort.
  • Fully adjustable headrest.
  • Lumbar and dorsal support cushions, including massage feature.
  • Blanket, pillow and toiletry needs.
  • Business Food, so you can enjoy a great variety of gastronomic options to elevate your experience to a higher level. You also have snacks available during the entire flight.
  • Touchscreen entertainment system with remote control and personal headphones.


So you can bring everything you may need with you:

  • 3 checked bags, max. 23 kg each
  • 2 carry-on items

VIP Room

Tranquillity, entertainment, comfort… whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in our VIP Rooms. Plus Ultra gives you everything you need to ensure that your flight is not just a way to reach a destination, but an experience that will delight all five of your senses.